I recently published a new revision of my novel Pantheon.  Now readers can read the novel serialized over 6 separate volumes, or as the original 700 page omnibus edition (in both print and ebook form).  I can share the first volume with potential new readers, instead of foisting a huge tome on them. 🙂

To celebrate, I’ve put 20 FREE copies of the ebook version of Volume I up on Amazon.  If you’ve been interested in reading my novel but not yet picked it up, here’s a chance to sample it and see if you like it!  Or if you have friends who might be interested, you can share the link with them.  The free ebooks are first come / first serve (and ‘US only’ too for some weird Amazon reason).

You can claim your free ebook copy at https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/996ffece74b7cfbf   Click the bouncy treasure chest to claim it.  And please leave a review!

Thanks for all your support!