MSTK3KWatching bad movies made hilarious in a marathon is my favorite Halloween tradition.  This year’s choices:


Being from Another Planet

Shari Belafonte, Mr Ben Murphy (the Ben Murphyist), a homicidal mummy/alien, and the worst Halloween costume party ever.

The Dead Talk Back

A dismal, odd film with screendom’s least convincing seance.  Stay for the twist ending.

The Undead

Roger Corman’s take on demonology and time travel, with Halloween decorations used as authentic medieval props

Cinematic Titanic

Legacy of Blood

Unlikable family doing unlikable things for John Carradine’s money in the 70’s.

Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks

Hilarious Eurotrash version of Frankenstein with added caveman and a dubbed Michael Dunn from the Wild Wild West.


Voodoo Man

An embarrassed Bela Lugosi and an unembarrassable John Carradine prance around a spooky mansion and play with black magic.

House on Haunted Hill

The finale is this quintessential Halloween movie with Vincent Price.  Not that it’s good, just quintessential.  And never mind those huge plot holes (yeah, open pool of acid in the basement, great housing idea!).


Happy viewing!