Via Rogue Classicism, here is a short video showing a bit of how Rome’s monuments looked in the 1920’s.  This was before Mussolini began the wide-spread clearance and isolation of these monuments with state-sponsored archaeology. 

I was particularly tickled so see cars using the Arch of Constantine as a traffic circle.  There are some errors though.  At about 1:57 the “House of the Vestals” is misnamed.  What is shown looks like the Basilica Julia (unless the image is reversed given the placement of the Temple of Antoninus in the background).  The “Temple of Vesta” is also absolutely misidentified at 0:37 since back then most people thought any round temple had to be to Vesta.  What is shown is actually the (variously-named) Temple of Hercules Victor from the area of the Forum Boarium, not the Vesta Temple.