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I’m in the process of making some promotional videos to advertise my novel Pantheon.  I’ve made and edited videos in the past, but I’m experimenting with some new techniques and methods.  This means I’ve been looking around for some inspiration.

While mine will look nowhere as professional and polished (and expensive) as these, here are a few that have sparked my interest and what I like about them.  Maybe they’ll inspire you to play around with some video as well.

Only the Horses by the Scissor Sisters
A fascinating study in the beauty of slow motion that teases out a simple narrative for most of the entire song (“what are they pulling?”).  Literal yet funky in its own way. The use of primary colors is also very effective.

All the Lovers by Kylie Minogue
I know I’ve talked about this video in the past, but I really think it is brilliant.  And not just because she is playing Aphrodite.  The narrative is simple and clear, the visuals are striking, and the special effects are great.  We even get some unsubtle Freudian imagery with the horse.  The use of color is also amazing.

End of the World by Matt Alber
Another video I’ve sung the praises of before many times.  It is just so sublime and romantic.  The art direction has a great use of closeups.  The shift from disheveled to completely made up is subtle, and a nice effect when it is revealed.  The imagery is paired well with the performing in the spotlight with a single mike.