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Pantheon Soundtrack, track 6

“Pretty (Pret A Porter Mix)” by the Cranberries

I was introduced to this song during a brilliant moment in a non-brilliant Robert Altman movie called Pret a Porter.  In the film, the superficial fashion industry gets its comeuppance in a totally nude runway show.

I felt the song applied to the Aphrodite’s party for several reasons.  Its rhythmic building spoke to the building tension and emotion in the story.  Also the common ground that each of the characters possess is that through sex and eroticism they experience attraction.  They each feel “pretty” to another (or several others).  “You’re so pretty the way you are.”  In their moments of passion they are desired, as well as desiring.  Rather than some bump and grind song, this song hit the proper note of eroticism I was aiming at with the text.

(the fan video is a bit weird but it is the only version of this mix I could find)