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From the blog Towleroad: Priests Do Battle At Site Of Jesus’s Birth

The Christmas spirit was nowhere in evidence last weekend at Bethlehem’s Church of The Nativity, where clerics of the Greek Orthodox and Armenian churches came to blows on Christmas Eve while cleaning the building in preparation for holiday services. According to Reuters, about 100 “holy men” duked it out with brooms and fists, fighting over territory in the 1,500-year-old building.

From Pantheon:

Poseidon stretched out his hand and pulled off their hooks the fifteen silver lanterns hanging from the roof of the alcove. He threw them and the star into a pile in the middle of the room. “There. We should be able to do something with the scrap metal afterwards.”

Demeter clicked her tongue. “Do you have any idea how obsessive the communities who ran this church partitioned matters such as who each one of those lamps belonged to? The Greek Orthodox had their lamps, and they could not touch or refill those belonging to the Latins or the Armenians or there would be fistfights. And now you just pull them into a pile.”

Reuters Video: