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Pantheon Soundtrack, track 4

“The World Famous Killer” by Zero Zero

Two of the chapters of Pantheon were incredibly difficult to write because I had to step so far out of myself to get into the mind of the subject.  The first was, of course, Hades.  I am someone who can not treat death or killing very casually, but that is all Hades knows.  He is so numb to human death that he treats it cynically, which means he comes to embody the characteristics the ancients attributed to him- ruthlessness, coldness, and aloof detachment.

I thought this little-known and undervalued song by Zero Zero, with its driving techno beat, encapsulated Hades’ actions during his most violent episodes where he relentlessly moved forward amid much screaming and shouting.  It is this song I hear when Hades is slaying innocents, especially on the night he met Shou Lung (an episode I could not actually bring myself to describe).