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Pantheon Soundtrack, track 3

“Concerto No. 1 in E major (La primavera)” by Vivaldi

One of the few songs directly referenced in the novel, this is playing on the car stereo when Jacqueline is driving Hera through the snow.  I love the mental image of the windshield wipers brushing away thick snow in time with the music.  Hera is looking forward to her new spring, her new beginning once she takes care of her final obligation on Fire Island.

Around minute 2:24 they enter the underground tunnel and her thoughts turn a bit dark, but then they burst out of the tunnel into the bright light again.  The piece finally winds down as they pull up outside the hotel.  The length of the song of course does not match any realistic trip from JFK to downtown Manhattan, but it was part of my visualization of the trip from the very beginning of the writing process.