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Pantheon Soundtrack, track 2

“Euroboy” by the Pet Shop Boys

This is the song that is playing when Hermes goes to the club to find Malcolm.

It also served for me as a theme of sorts for the whole novel.  Many times I have created and played in my mind an imaginary music video to this song which, in the manner of a trailer from a Hollywood film, used exciting clips from the entire work.

At the start, we see Hermes emerge into the clearing outside Istanbul walking toward the sedans full of Germans, crickets chirping.  The music then erupts as he walks through the door of the club and all is flashing neon and spotlights.  Then as the drum beats and keyboards play:

  • Apollo throws his car quickly around a corner fleeing from Crazy Daisy
  • Ares gallops across the battlefield in his yellow turban
  • Thomas throws Massimo against the wall in complete passion
  • the face of Hades looms into view of the camera while lit unsettlingly from below inside Shou Lung’s prison cell
  • Hera and Bake gyrate in the train bathroom
  • Athena and Eric bend down to peer through the closet keyhole
  • Demeter presses the burning brand against her fair skin
  • Poseidon and Artemis’ heads tilt in an amusing way as they watch the stripper in her booth
  • Dionysus kisses Anna then turns his head to press his lips to Peter’s
  • Hermes and Malcolm splash in the oasis pool then dodge bullets as they run between broken columns in the ruin
  • Poseidon raises his hands in defiance of the cyclone.